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A professional community of
collegiality, collaboration, and

Thandiwe-Dee Watts-Jones, Ph.D.
Psychologist II, Health and Hospitals Corporation
Faculty, Ackerman Institute

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A place where our field takes
shape and new ideas are born

Kaethe Weingarten, Ph.D.
Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology
Harvard Medical School

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A unique, multidisciplinary and
diverse membership with varying
perspectives within the field

Celia Falicov, Ph.D.
Clinical Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health
University of California

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Ensuring social justice is a core
component of successful interventions

Kiran S.K. Arora, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Long Island University,

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Providing a platform where ideas
meet conscience

Harry Aponte, MSW, LCSW, LMFT
Clinical Associate Professor in Drexel University’s
Couple & Family Therapy


A FTA is a professional community whose membership has helped shaped the field of family therapy. For nearly four decades, it has been the gathering place of the best and brightest minds in the field of family therapy and theory. It is a multi-disciplinary and diverse organization comprised of academics, researchers, educators, students, and mental health professionals that has served as incubator for some of the most compelling insights and transformative ideas about the family unit and the critical role it plays in creating healthy communities.

Since 1978, members of AFTA have helped tens of thousands of families, couples, and individuals in crisis. Theories about family and approaches to mental health championed by AFTA are taught in every major institution of higher learning. The work of the members of AFTA has influenced an entire generation of mental health theorists, researchers, and practitioners.

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A favorite among members, a place to gather and discuss different areas of interest. Many have enjoyed the ongoing opportunities to connect with colleagues on topics they are passionate about in their daily lives.

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Our Annual Conference is open to all, a place where new ideas and contributions to the field are shared among peers. Read about our upcoming conference, May 31-June 2 in Philadelphia, PA.

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AFTA Publications

AFTA Publications include the AFTA Springer Briefs (free online access to Academy Members, in partnership with Springer Science) as well as Monographs. Members receive complimentary downloads through the Free Publications members-only page.

AFTA Publications

AFTA Member Publications

Our membership comprises some of the most prolific and significant authors in family therapy and allied fields. Over 60% of Academy members are published authors of books, textbooks, and/or journal articles. The work of our members has been published in Family Process, JAMA, The Journal of Counseling and Clinical Psychology, The Journal of Family Therapy, The Journal of Marriage and Family Therapy, The Journal of Marriage and Family, The American Journal of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy Networker, and The Journal of Systemic Therapies, among others.

The Springer Briefs in Family Therapy, produced by AFTA in partnership with Springer Science, regularly features articles written by members of the Academy. Members can access free copies of the Springer Briefs by logging in and going to the Free Publications page.

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