6/1/15: The conference begins in 2 days, and pre-registration has closed. If you haven't registered, please check in at the registration desk to complete your registration. Thank you.

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1. Registration:

Early After 4/30
AFTA Regular Member $395 $450
AFTA Early Career Member $275 $315
AFTA Student Member $150 $175
Non-Member $520 $560
Non-Member Full-time Student $150 $175

2. Spouse/Partner (Plenaries only) $150
3. CE Credit (est. 22 hours) - APA, NBCC, MFT, NASW $40
4. People of Color Network Meeting, June 3

The People of Color Network is a place for inspiration, connection, support and dialogue for people of color. It serves as a catalyst for moving forward issues of societal justice and change within AFTA. Members have rich ideas and talents and can share and receive support for how issues of multiculturalism, race and inequality are addressed in our various work environments. A primary goal is to facilitate continuity of networking throughout the year.

5. Conversation on White Privilege & Accountability, June 3

This ongoing conversation provides a setting for AFTA members who are interested in exploring their White racial privilege, as it operates in the world and in the AFTA organization. We cooperate to sustain a supportive, nonjudgmental environment for honest exploration of difficult experiences. Meeting among ourselves helps create that environment, and is consistent with the message we get from many colleagues of Color, to “Do the work among yourselves.” We invite people with all levels of experience in dealing with race. We are committed to the principle that each of us can learn something new from every other participant.

6. LGBTQI Network Conversation, June 3

Please join the networking meeting for LGBTQI clinicians. The meeting provides an opportunity for members to meet, learn about each other’s work, and share goals for future AFTA initiatives. This meeting sets the stage for valuable social and professional collaborations throughout the conference and beyond.

7. New Member Breakfast, June 4

New Member Breakfast is a meeting where new members are introduced and have an opportunity to meet Board Members and Committee Chairs. Early Career Members and Student Members are encouraged to attend.

8. AFTA Members Town Hall Meeting (members only), June 4

AFTA Membership Meeting

9. Thursday Box Lunch, June 4
Smoked Chicken
AFTA Regular Members and Non-Members $71
Early Career Members and All Students $61
Will Not Attend
11. Friday Box Lunch, June 5 ( Disabled if AFTA Award Lunch Banquet is selected)
Smoked Chicken
12. AFTA Awards Lunch Banquet, June 5 ( Disabled if Friday Box Lunch is selected)
(First ticket is free with your registration. PLEASE CHECK BOX IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND.)
13. Extra Guest Ticket for Awards Banquet, June 5 - $90 x # extra tix $ 0
14. Special Event II: A Storytelling & Poetry Night, June 5

This year we will add another special event on Friday night that has the goal to be as inclusive as possible (at no extra cost) and provide opportunities for attendees to be creative, connect, converse, entertain and be entertained. Everybody is invited to think about personal or professional stories, poems, anecdotes that are meaningful to them and worthy of sharing with others. The stories and poems may be based on real events, life changing experiences, or mundane everyday occurrences. Over dessert and coffee/tea they can be shared sitting with a small group around a table. For courageous attendees we will have on open mic to tell stories or read poems to everybody in the audience. The goal of this special night is to get to know each other on a different level and have fun. If you would like to share your story or poem via the open mic please contact vthomas [at] afta [dot] org (Volker Thomas) who will coordinate and host the event.

15. Men's Institute, June 6

This year's Men's Institute again invites participation by all men attending the conference, member or not, who wishes to join those of us who are committed to a more personal and intimate way of talking with each other. We continue our efforts to create an open space where we can sit together and engage in the sharing of our lives that has become the tradition of this Institute. We are inviting men of all ages, young and old, from diverse cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations, to deepen our connections and understanding of each other. This year there will NOT be a dinner during the Institute. Since the conference concludes Saturday afternoon, the co-chairs have decided to organize an On the Town in Vancouver or Portland event on Saturday night if there is sufficient interest. More about this at the Conference.

16. Women's Institute, June 6

The Women’s Institute has a long tradition at AFTA as a place where women share personal experiences across generations and cultures. This year the conversation will focus on how we see ourselves at this time in our lives, what we consider to be the important aspects of our identity, how family life transitions have transformed our understanding and relationship to families in therapy, and the relationship between personal experience and our role as professionals. Bring a box lunch and join us!

17. Student/Early Career Luncheon, June 6 ( Disabled if Saturday Box Lunch is selected)
(Lunch will be provided by AFTA.)
18. Saturday Box Lunch, June 6 ( Disabled if Student/Early Carrer Luncheon is selected)
Smoked Chicken

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