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This year AFTA's conference theme will examine the state of health and wellbeing for individuals, families and communities. We will take on the following questions:

  • How are family health and wellbeing defined?
  • What factors contribute to or threaten the state of wellbeing for families?
  • What are the social determinants of family health and wellbeing?
  • How is our understanding of family health integrated into our clinical practice, research, and teaching?

This conference is open to any professional, AFTA members and non-members, dedicated to the advancement of systemic thinking, practices, and policies, as well as family therapy scholars.

The Annual Meeting and Open Conference program continues our long-standing tradition of exploring cutting-edge thinking as it relates to family life.

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AFTA's Mission Statement

Founded in 1977, the American Family Therapy Academy is a non-profit organization of leading family therapy teachers, clinicians, program directors, policy makers, researchers, and social scientists dedicated to advancing systemic thinking and practices for families in their social context.

Through diversity in its membership, continuous dialogue, collaborative interchange, and commitment to social justice, AFTA flourishes as a learning organization that offers value to its members and those whom they serve.*

*To learn more about AFTA and its approach to social justice, please see the social justice page.



  • To advance theories, therapies, research and professional education that regard the family as a unit in a social context.
  • To promote research and professional education in family therapy and allied fields.
  • To make information about family therapy available to practitioners in other fields of knowledge and to the public.
  • To foster the collaboration among the medical, psychological, social, legal and other professions that serve families and the science and practice of family therapy.



June 1, 2013

The Central Office of the American Family Therapy Academy is moving to a new location: 150 Summer Street, Haverhill, MA 01830. New Phone Number: (978) 914-6374. New Fax Number: (978) 914-7033.

Febuary 3, 2013

The Board of Directors of the American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA) announces the  publication of AFTA’s Immigration Position Statement addressing the impact of US immigration policy on families and children.  This statement, which examines contextual factors that can impinge on family life and optimal child development, exemplifies AFTA’s commitment to Social Justice; it brings the resources of an organization of clinicians, teachers and researchers to the political arena. In the tradition of AFTA’s previous position statements, it extends the context of healing and prevention beyond the consultation room to political awareness and action.  AFTA acknowledges the contribution of the Family Policy/Human Rights Committee and of other AFTA members in the initiation and creation of the Immigration Position Statement. For further information about AFTA’s integration of Social Justice into various aspects of our organization, please consult the relevant AFTA website links to social justice, human rights, and family policy.


January 1, 2013

AFTA proudly announces the appointment of Kim Cox as Managing Director. Kim assumes this position after more than 10 years of successful affiliation with AFTA. Her work with members on numerous projects has been highly regarded. Kim is familiar with AFTA’s history, understands the importance of our clinical/relational focus and shares our commitment to social justice. She will provide stability, continuity and able responsible leadership to the administration of AFTA. Congratulations and welcome Kim on assuming the position of Managing Director; AFTA is very fortunate to have her at the helm!



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