Stories for Your Marriage

Stories for Your Marriage

How to Deal with the Tough Times

Karen Lewis, Primary Author | More books by this author

Published: 2008
66 pages


Most marriages go through some tough periods. The stories here are taken from my clinical practice (and appropriately disguised for confidentiality). They offer ideas for moving through these difficult times. The stories in part one focus on ideas and exercises for recapturing what once was so special in your marriage. The stories in part two present different ways to consider this question for your own marriage.

Part One, Recapturing the Magic of Your Marriage includes chapters such as
A Four Letter Word to Refresh Your Marriage; Instead of Leaving, Make Changes Yourself; Do We Have Time For Sex?; The “ITS” Exercise Helps Couple Feel Closer; 10 Tips for Recapturing the Magic.

Part Two, To Go or Not to Go: That is the Question includes chapters such as To Go or Not To Go? Ask the Crystal Ball; Love Him or Leave Him, but Stop Kvetching; It Too Late To Reconcile?; Are You Having An Affair—Without Knowing It?; The Challenge of Long Term Marriages.