An updated feminist view of intimate partner violence

Sandra Stith, Author | More books by this author

George, J.

Published: 2014
14 pages

Published in 2014 Family Process, 179-193.


Exploring IPV from an intersectional, feminist perspective


In this article, we explore intimate partner violence (IPV) from an intersectional, feminist
perspective. We describe how an updated feminist view guides us to a perspective on IPV
that is more strongly grounded in an antioppressive, nonviolent, socially just feminist
stance than a second-wave gender-essential feminist stance that suggests that patriarchy is
the cause of IPV. At the time we began to work together it seemed that a researcher had to
be identified as a “family violence” researcher or a “feminist” researcher of violence against
women, and that it wasn’t possible to be a feminist researcher who looked beyond patriarchy
as the cause of IPV. We advocate critically thinking about essentialist practices in clinical
work so that we can maintain an antioppressive, socially just, nonviolent approach to
working with clients who experience IPV.