Join us for our 43rd Annual
Meeting and 1st Virtual Conference
June 24-26, 2021

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The Evolution of Voices:

Building Bridges Across Divides

June 24-26, 2021

Virtual Conference

*Early Bird registration ends May 31, 2021.

There is no overstating the precariousness of today. We’re fatigued, anxious, and paralyzed in the tension between our longing for the normality of times past and fear of returning to a world unchanged. Within the tension of compounding crises, the unique opportunity for change should not be beyond AFTA’s membership. This year’s Annual Meeting will boldly confront the most pressing issues of today while overtly addressing parallel processes between the long unresolved strains at the core of our macrosystemic discord and their manifestations within AFTA’s organizational structure.

During the meeting, we will engage in honest and open dialogues focused on various sensitive and politically-charged topics of today. By challenging ourselves to think beyond the teachings in alignment with our subjective worldviews, discussions will embrace the untapped wisdom discovered upon opening ourselves to the power of viewpoint diversity. Through a collective exploration of diverse approaches to address macrosystemic strains, we will aim to collectively unite around our shared goal of being effective while diffusing the subjective pursuit of being right. Our hope is that this will help prepare each of us, our community, and our organization to take on the important work of building bridges across the many divides that exist in our society today. 

We are proud to host AFTA’s first-ever virtual conference and excited to offer plenty of opportunities to connect with old friends, create new connections, hear from new voices in the field, and continue to build our community of systemic researchers and clinicians.

Early Career Member Committee

The goals of this year’s conference are:

(1) To provide space for dialoguing across differences

(2) To give space to new voices in the field

(3) To provide space for our AFTA community to connect

Program at a Glance

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The annual AFTA Conference facilitates robust dialogue for therapists committed to advancing the integration of social justice, systems theory, and family therapy practices. It brings together professionals committed to advancing family therapy research, theory, and practice that aligns with principles of justice, liberation, and equality. These professionals include students, early career therapists, and leading practitioners, researchers, and scholars in the family therapy profession.

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