Established in 2019

Hosted by Danna Carter, Ph.D., LMFT

The AFTA Podcast

About the Podcast

The AFTA Publications Committee was created in 2019 in efforts to facilitate dialogue and conversations about current therapy practices and research-oriented approaches.

Danna Carter, Ph.D., LMFT is the chair of the Publications' committee and is interested in collaborating with the community to create a space for diversity of thought and action in the field of family therapy. Currently, with the recent Covid-19 crisis and Black Lives Matter movement, we envision the Podcast may provide the avenue to channel AFTA’s efforts in responding to the complex context to support social change and activism.

Since the creation of the AFTA podcast, the Publications Committee will further the collaboration with AFTA’s committee members to identify priorities as well as to create content that can help further the commitment to the values that guide AFTA’s initiatives.

Potential topics for future guests include: 

  • Exploring how research practitioners are involved in social change during the C-19 and BLM movement.
  • Interview early career members about their hopes and aspirations in the family therapy field.
  • Interview student members about their interests and preparations involved throughout their studies.
  • Interview AFTA members who are in the academic field to discuss the importance of mentoring.


About the Host

Danna Carter, Ph.D., LMFT

Danna Carter, Ph.D., LMFT

AFTA Publications Committee Chair and AFTA Podcast Host

Originally from Brazil, I moved to San Diego in 2007 to pursue my graduate studies and earned a Master’s of Science in Counseling at San Diego State University (SDSU) in 2010. I worked as a Research Assistant at SDSU’s Center for Community Engagement (CCCE), providing psychotherapy services to individuals, families, and couples using narrative practices. After licensure, I provided clinical supervision at CCCE and Loma Linda University to MFT and LPC graduate students. I worked at a local children's hospital in an outpatient setting for several years. My clinical work focused on helping children and adolescents who had trouble with self-harm and suicidal behaviors. As a supervisor, after receiving my AAMFT approved supervisor credentials I have continued to use narrative practices to support MFT students in the development of their therapist identities and abilities. I hold a full-time position as Senior Research Assistant for the Department of Counseling and Family Sciences at LLU where I help in all stages of research design and quantitative/qualitative data analysis integrating community-based approaches with disadvantaged populations throughout the San Bernardino County. I am part of the teaching faculty body at Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology as well as Loma Linda University School of Behavioral Health. Currently, I am chair of the AFTA's Publications Committee and have joined the efforts of the organizations' members to advance knowledge in the field of family therapy and research. Volunteering is one of my passions. I have been providing pet-assisted therapy for the community with my dog Dominic for more than 8 years with Love on a Leash.

The AFTA Podcast Committee

Jerry is the Program Director of the Family Therapy Doctoral Program at the University of Georgia. He has been an AFTA member since the mid-90’s and received the AFTA 2006 Outstanding Research Award. With Roxana Llerena-Quinn he co-chaired the 2014 AFTA annual conference in Athens, Georgia. He has over 80 publications and has authored/co-edited three books. He is presently co-Pi on a 5-year, 8-million-dollar grant, The integration of marriage and relationship education into family and children services: A Campus-Community partnership.   He is involved in extending systems practices through projects implementing relational financial therapy and relational meditation, and he is a co-founder of the interdisciplinary ASPIRE Clinic. Attending to social justice and addressing social determinants of health is of primary importance to Jerry.  He gave an invited presentation When the right answer is wrong: Addressing multiculturalism and diversity for financial therapists at the seventh annual Financial Therapy Conference.  He has presented on incorporating relational meditation into social justice work at AFTA and in a webinar for the Taos Institute.

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Past Guests

In this episode, I interviewed Dr. Peter Fraenkel, Ph.D., who is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at The City College of the City University of New York.

Dr. Fraenkel is currently co-chair of AFTA’s Research Committee, co-chair of the Task for on Climate Crisis and Families, and member of the Cultural and Economic Diversity Committee. He lectures nationally and internationally and has been widely featured on the topic of couples and families in the popular press, including television, cable, radio, magazines, and newspapers.

As events globally unfold with the COVID-19 crisis, we come together to discuss how we as a community can integrate and create wisdom we learned from experience and research throughout the years as well as encouraging others to be in perspective about our past, present, and future.

In this episode, I interviewed Dr. Kaethe Weingarten, who is a leading voice on a range of issues, including compassionate witnessing, radical listening, responding to political violence, hope as action, intimacy, illness, feminism, parenting, and mothering.

She is founder and director of The Witnessing Project, a nonprofit organization that consults to individuals, families, and communities locally, nationally, and internationally to transform toxic witnessing of violence and violation to active compassionate witnessing with others.

As we continue to experience the effects of the COVID-19 in our lives and communities, we honor the stories that shaped our desire to help others in reverence and respect to liminal spaces in our lives. We called ourselves back from old times and old places to examine how possibilities of creative action in life have the power to invite hope in times of uncertainty.

Upcoming Guests

Director of the Narrative Initiatives San Diego

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