AFTA Social Justice


AFTA holds a core commitment to equality, social responsibility and justice with particular attention to marginalized and underserved groups, and fosters policies that support the welfare of families and children.  It implements this mission through the work of two committees: Family Policy/Human Rights and Cultural and Economic Diversity.


AFTA's approach to social justice addresses the structural oppression that plays out within families and at different levels within society. Structural oppression refers to the situation in which people are divided into groups that have unequal ability and opportunity to access power and resources. AFTA's approach challenges the institutional and interpersonal policies and practices as well as the underlying ideologies that perpetuate the continuation of these contemporary and historical injustices. It calls for personal and collective action to establish equitable social participation, allowing individuals, families, and communities the possibility to exist with dignity, self-determination, and physical and psychological well-being.